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Industrial and commercial bank mortgage lenders successful first forest right mortgage loans

Bank mortgage lenders successful fruit industry limited liability company a forest right mortgage loan of 1.8 million Yuan, the business was 2 guarantee issued by the industrial and commercial bank loans, effectively support small business lending in the city further breakthroughs.
This is ICBC mortgage loan institutions initial handle this class related loan business, the line of small micro-enterprise Department Customer Manager on full helping related branch handling personnel for related business of operation Guide to effective ensure related loan business of by sequence for; also has in the loan reported approval process in the, related branch of head also times to related branch personally door to do good of coordination work, And positive communications and branch personnel of the competent departments to strive to achieve the smooth issuance of the loan, and can require many person in charge supervision in real time and are required to report the progress of the business.
addition ICBC mortgage loan institutions also can to forest mortgage as effective of increased letter measures, can will involved purchase woodland insurance matters, and by limited species limit matters, and related forest insurance species matters and insurance amount determine matters,, related financial institutions on will active and branch credit management sector for communication consultations, in guarantees funds security of while also can effective ensure the business loan of on time put; forest mortgage loan business not only can effective of solution General foresters are with paragraph urgent of situation, But also better utilize the farmers ' problems of fixed assets to promote the rapid development of the local economy.