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Hangzhou late in January this year cut its bank lending rate to slow down

enter the Hangzhou City, in late January this year cut its bank lending rate to slow down, even some financial institutions have also raised interest rates; reporter interviews the day before yesterday when the city financial institutions mortgage found that reason, houses locked, due to the recent events coupled with the early mortgage-cut bottom to avoid this situation cannot occur.
according to related informed people introduced on this city mortgage market full of understand Hou found, this city just only individual of financial institutions also in continues to cut mortgage interest rate, many of Bank although also provides has offers of bank interest rate but are annex has related of conditions, also just and last year December loan interest rate situation compared of words on has untied, but at this stage this city mortgage interest rate of down trend are obviously in slowed.
also has market more bit experts also said, recently this city Investment Bank and construction Bank also are both will loan interest rate has original of 93 percent raised to has now of 95 percent, except this 2 home financial institutions yiwai this city other of financial institutions mortgage policy are temporarily no what changes; this several experts also is expected to this 2 home financial institutions raised mortgage interest rate also just is a began, follow-up words certainly has many of financial institutions will followed up, Hangzhou City, development of the mortgage market this year also we remain to be seen.
Hangzhou Bank loans, according to the Agency relevant experts to understand the situation, at this stage in the loan market loans in most financial institutions are adequate, common to lenders within a month or so, but also does not exclude the possibility that some financial institutions lending is relatively slow.