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Hangzhou experts cut Bank lending to the real economy can affect how much

Hangzhou Bank loan experts introduced to can effective guide financing cost of declined, from last year of November late began Bank on on loan benchmark interest rate implementation not symmetric cut has, for one years period of loan benchmark interest rate for cut 0.4%, on deposits benchmark interest rate cut 0.25 a percentage points, while words its deposits interest rate of floating interval of ceiling also has original deposits benchmark interest rate of 1.1 times times directly adjustment for 1.2 times times.
  from whole market situation for cut really have on effective stimulus has loan of needs, according to data displayed last year last 2 months added of Yuan loan on for 1.5 trillion yuan around than last year earlier words more increased has 440 billion yuan around, which market in the of medium-and long-term loan accounted for 75%, than last year earlier of words on rose has 35%; in last year of December end of, Central Bank also announced the incorporation of General deposits inter-bank reserve requirements for non-payment of statutory notice for the time being, which will increase the lending capacity of banks in the market as a whole; and 43rd, according to the State Council requirements, on January 5 this year, need to be able to complete the cleanup of local government debt, and this directly led to a strong supply and demand situation of medium-and long-term loans.
addition according to Hangzhou Bank loan sampling data displayed, last year of end market in the enterprise loan of interest rate than last year early declined has five a basis points, than 3rd quarter late words declined has 14 a basis points; which words market small and medium enterprise loan interest rate on and early of basic flat than 3rd quarter late words also declined has nine a basis points; and micro enterprise loan interest rate words also to than early declined has 17 a basis points than 3rd quarter late declined has nine a basis points.