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Handling at this stage before and after the Hangzhou Bank loans should pay attention to what

Hangzhou Bank loans, at this stage, many people go through when a lot of people to handle the business considerations do not know according to the relevant experts to introduce.
Note: when you apply for a loan must not be used before the Provident Fund, after all, the borrower in the loan balance of the run before store to cover the Housing Fund, the Provident Fund account balance is zero, which funds loans amount to zero means that the borrower need not apply not to fund loans.
Note II: after completing Hangzhou Bank loans when, in the first year, we must not for early repayment; after all, according to the relevant provisions of Provident Fund loans, wants early repayment needs loan for less than a year later suggested that the best thing the restitution amount should be more than six months of payments.
Note III: have any difficulties during the loan process, you must remember to look for financial institutions, after all, once within the term of loan repayment ability of the borrower repayment difficulties, if not extend the loan term application to relevant financial institutions, to pay large amounts of overdue payments will no doubt increase the cost of borrowing.
Note IV: for loans for rental housing is, after all, must be obliged to inform the lessor during the loan period rental home for borrowers to have collateral facts must be written to inform the lessee.
Note five: mortgage borrowers must not be forgotten after withdrawal of mortgage, you can take loans from financial institutions discharge and other rights that the visiting the premises of the mortgaged real estate trading center where the cancellation formalities.

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