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Credit interest rate slightly decreased from 5.76% to 5.51%

reporter learned from the local loan market credit interest rates declined slightly, due to the effects of interest rate cuts by the end of last year, its stock lending and incremental decline in lending rates also have different length.
this city market a joint-stock financial institutions related head said, for himself company for General customer financing cost declined main performance in 2 a aspects, first a aspects is from November cut Hou its benchmark of interest rate also on declined has 0.5%, and this on public loan words overall interest rate level is has declined of; second a aspects of words from last year Bank through again loan and the again discount directed support small and the three agricultural, According to data of the national rural bank branches below are assigned to about 50 million yuan of loans, again at about 4% its interest rate discount scale for the year also increased to over a billion of Yuan, interest rates and loan interest rates.
second above joint-stock Bank of related head also also introduced, due to market competition factors and risk carefully mentality of integrated credit loan interest rate declined Hou the financial institutions on borrowing people of credit grade also will requirements high, more will to General of customer provides a has market competitiveness of loan interest rate; for some borrowing people financial institutions on need consider to they of actual business and financial capacity, even also will integrated consider whether has right of collateral and right of industry environment, factors.
based on the monitoring data of the local bank's financial research center, base rate of loans between financial institutions market indicators also dropped from 5.76% to 5.51% now, these data to determine the decline in market interest rates.