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CITIC Bank personal loan institutions provide customers with a full range of credit support

according to CITIC Bank personal loan institutions head introduced, the line launched many of financial loan business are is through some measures to activate real estate, to qualified of lines for can cycle integrated award letter to give many customer full consumption credit support, effective to meet many customer from mortgage buy room to decoration, and car, and education, and tourism and medical, financing needs, and full of help many customer let real estate conversion for happiness power, Take the line against lines of business in addition to higher General and long term mortgage loans advantages, are more practical and flexible, versatile and convenient application to appeal to customers.
from traditional of property mortgage loan for due to single of uses loan, let need application more pen different uses loan of borrowing handle many procedures, not only its handle of process compared complex, need of information also compared complex, and words also more need can provides new of mortgage real this let some customer only prohibitive; to can maximum degree of meet General customer are of experience, CITIC Bank personal loan institutions on from products design for internal optimization, in simplified loan procedures zhiwai, also used has once application lines cycle of features, borrowing people Dang get award letter lines Hou its single pen loan also on no longer by pen for approval this on greatly improve has loan of handle efficiency; also has in loan using of when also also can through Bank for paid, more also can provides card self way to can convenient General customer.