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Bank personal loan agencies based on market service and people's livelihood

ABC personal loan institutions can based market market to service livelihood, active of can put personal loan business put in now of service livelihood overall in the; according to related data displayed as to last year end, the line involved of personal housing loan balance reached has 2.4 billion yuan around, than early words effective increased has 300 million Yuan around compared more increased has 80 million Yuan not only powerful of improved has residents of housing conditions, and also more support has local economic of fast development.
ABC personal loan institutions staff also also introduced, company through seriously analysis research national macro policy and the superior line credit policy oriented again combined related of risk structure on established has need vigorously advance personal housing loan business of direction; in constantly can optimization a loan approval process of based Shang, also and combined has itself actual can to branch for platform full built up a loan points Center of organization schema, To fundamentally broke the original account manager team people, impurity and coarse effective take a loan professional and work flow of the first step.
addition ABC personal loan institutions to further to   a loan operation and management, the line also on local market and peer for research, while words again has related financial institutions President for led regularly of to held some business exchange, through research personal housing loan in development in the exists of problem effective to established some communication normal mechanism, great ensure has the line a loan business of sound development.