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Bank lender China Construction Bank was completed last year in Hangzhou Municipal Government approved annual plan

Hangzhou Bank loan institutions CCB face last year severe of economic situation, the line also can around superior line credit scale configuration policy changes full towards credit resources effective of help push has this city economic of development; according to related data the line the loan and financing added 2.6 billion yuan completed City Government approved annual plans of 117%, bad loan of balance reached has 49 million, bad rate on for 0.29%.
the line also also full support related focus enterprise of full development, in municipal government functions sector of help Xia active of combs city more than 100 multiple city level focus project and 60 home backbone Enterprise for docking; as to last year of end has for area within more than 100 more households medium enterprise award letter 16 billion yuan, cumulative put 8.9 billion yuan funds full of for Enterprise provides has medium-and long-term available funds, New medium-and long-term loans accounted for around 900 million yuan of the total new loans for large and medium enterprises 84%.
second Hangzhou Bank loan institutions CCB also also full support this City County domain of economic development, for this city the County District and 2 district medium small micro-enterprise cumulative put loan funds 7.5 billion yuan, in this which words County domain medium loan funds for 5.9 billion yuan accounted for has all medium loan put funds of 77%, and on County domain small enterprise cumulative put funds 1.7 billion yuan around accounted for has all small enterprise loan put of 88%; addition also also full support small micro-enterprise of development, Its small and medium non-stick micro-enterprise loans amount to 2.1 billion yuan, invested amount to 2.2 billion yuan.