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Success stories

successful loan of 300,000 yuan Wu

Mr Wu is a corporate legal entity, Hangzhou 09 friends and started the company in Hangzhou, has now crossed a fifth year, he runs his own small enterprise, although more stable earnings, but when funding shortages have emerged. With several large orders for the spring and summer of the year backlog, he needed to apply for a loan to tide over the financial crisis. He first thought was a bank loan, but found several banks for a variety of reasons there is no result. Under the frustration, he apply for a loan online, found a thawing landscape to recommend lenders for applicants, and dialed into view customer service hotline, after the detailed communication with the Business Manager, Mr Wu successful melting-view operations center to apply for a $ 300,000 loan, the loan for a period of 3 years.


loans of 60,000 yuan Yang success

Mr Yang is the language teachers of a middle school in Hangzhou, have been 5 years to address transportation, Purchase plan. Mr NG Internet access to view the price of cars currently on the market, and went to look for a car, but apart from existing funds, buying a car a shortage of 60,000 yuan. Mr Wu wants to loan several times after a search on the Internet, Mr Wu into King Web site submitted a personal credit application, applied for a loan amount of 60,000 yuan, for a period of 2 years of car loans.