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unity, cooperation, and collective struggle is the financial landscape of the soul of culture. Success is the result of collective efforts, failure is a collective responsibility, is not to be attributed to individuals, did not see failure as a personal responsibility, everything is shared by the collective. Hangzhou housing mortgage consumption loan, and Hangzhou housing mortgage loan, and Hangzhou existing housing mortgage loan, and Hangzhou property mortgage loan, and Hangzhou property mortgage loan company, and Hangzhou property mortgage loan, and Hangzhou housing two times mortgage loan, and Hangzhou housing again mortgage loan, and Hangzhou mortgage housing loan, and Hangzhou mortgage loan

in work and life in the, upper and lower equal, not equal of part has with wage form reflected has. Thaw King no one enjoying special privileges, all through thick and thin, everyone is equal, the collective struggle, any personal interests are subject to the collective interests of individual efforts into a collective struggle. Self-improvement, and sharing weal and woe, wins a toast to celebrate, defeat is desperate to rescue the spirit of unity and cooperation, melting scene was fully embodied. Thaw King formulated and promulgated the "seven spirits":

industry serve the spirit, open spirit, the spirit of solidarity, struggle and progressive spirit, the etiquette spirit of humility, adapt to the spirit, the spirit of Thanksgiving one good turn deserves another.

management education and guidance. Into view: "leaders should give their staff to guide and teach, this is every leaders cannot shirk its responsibilities and obligations, is also one of the important work in terms of the training of qualified personnel. "The difference is, melting scene has its own" philosophical "and attaches great importance to the" philosophy ". Thaw King philosophy to thaw King spirit ideas laid the Foundation, and also continuously enriched into view content.

according to thaw King philosophy, business problem in the end is a human problem, people are respectable people, people as well as gem of original ore, after grinding, will become a glowing stones, everyone has good qualities, from ordinary people discovering extraordinary qualities.